Video Releases

Project SANCHAR brings to you a video series on COVID-19 vaccines. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates.

Our third episode features Dr. Shahid Jameel, Director, Triveni School of Biosciences, Ashoka University and renowned virologist. He discusses the virology of COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines. This video is in Hindi.

Our second episode features Dr NK Arora, Executive Director, INCLEN Trust International and Chair, COVID-19 Subcommittee of National Technical Advisory Group for Immunization (NTAGI) Government of India. He discusses the development and regulatory process of COVID-19 vaccines in India, herd immunity, side-effects of COVID-19 vaccines, and how we are learning from India’s experience with vaccination programs. This video is in Hindi.

Our first episode features Prof. K. Vish Viswanath, Lee Kum Kee Prof. of Health Communication, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health wherein he talks to Mr. Mukesh Kejriwal on what stakeholders such as scientists, journalists, healthcare workers and corporate companies can do to combat misinformation around COVID-19 vaccines. The video is subtitled in Hindi.